First founded in 2002 as a business entity representing the interests of a pool of CG artists in overseas markets, Tiny Island Productions has grown to become an independent production and producing/consultancy company that provides a one-stop solution for 3D animation productions.  The management, creative team and panel of advisers have an excellent track record in the areas of production setup, production pipeline design, production skills & manpower resource development and production management for many major pioneering projects for both local and foreign clients.

Based in the cosmopolitan and culturally diverse society of Singapore, our crew are blessed with exposure to both Eastern and Western cultures and and are attuned to the market needs of each.  This enables us to create cross-culturally inspired story ideas and concepts  that  hold appeal for audiences across all continents.

We believe that technology should be driven by art and our team uses a mix of both commercial and proprietary software and techniques. We take pride in our ability to customize and combine software and techniques in a mixed media environment to produce unique visual works.

As the road map for efficient work flow and communication through different stages of production and across production departments, the design of a production pipeline appropriate to the unique aesthetics of each production is integral to completing productions on time and within budget. Our ability to incorporate various production methods (flash/2D/3D/stop-motion) and integrate every stage of production into our pipeline has enabled us to see complete productions through from the design stage to final output . 

We have also branched out into providing training services in joint collaboration with external agencies alongside our production studio facility. By investing in the identification and development of talents with the specialized creative skill sets required for producing quality 3D animated content, we aim to bring 3D animation to the highest standards in conceptual and expressive artistry in the region. 

our mission

Our mission is to create, manage and market quality content for the global 3D animation market by providing cost-competitive, high-quality productions through a process that emphasizes excellence in production management, execution and creative expression.

our philosophy

In integrating the fields of arts and technology, we use technology to push arts to the highest possible limits so as to achieve our business objectives. By valuing teamwork, open communication and passion, we act as catalysts for creativity and excellence, in order to achieve the goals of our clients and for our industry. We’re building a hothouse for the finest talents in this area in the region, providing a home for quality productions that set new standards for 3D animation in the region.

our competitive advantage

  • Our company has access to a huge network of the best talents from the Singaporean CG artist workforce. Our close relationship with the talents allows us to build a strong and tightly knit CG artists community. Such relationship is vital to the success of any production. Motivation and retention rates of our talented group of artists are high due to the care we show for the community and their welfare, translating to production efficiency and reliability.
  • Our management has a good track record in the areas of production setup, production pipeline design, production skills & manpower resource development and production management for many major pioneering projects for both local and foreign clients.
  • Possessing critical knowledge about the critical success factors and business mechanisms behind the international market, we have an edge over many competitors.
  • We have close ties and support from various government agencies, educational institutions and industry players.
  • As early pioneers in the local industry, many of our team members are contributors to the growth and evolution of the skills of our Singaporean artists to levels of technical and aesthetic sophistication that meet global industry standards in many international productions.
  • Many of our talents are graduates from the finest international animation colleges in the world and have experience working in both the East and West. Such exposure makes our artists versatile in creating productions with international commercial appeal.
  • We have set regional benchmarks in character animation. Our strong grasp of the principles of classical animation and acting is showcased in the high quality character animations we create.
  • Having a strong strategic network of resources for pre & post production in Asia, Europe and North America, we are well equipped to create content suited for various segments across the industry as provide consultancy services on how you could bring your content to international markets ,with our experience having brought our IP Dream Defenders to 80 countries around the world.
  • We pride ourselves on creating future-proof content, and have produced animations for auto-stereoscopic-3D (glasses-free), as well as created Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences for our clients.